Who we are

We are a technology-based company founded in 2015 with the proposal of offer ​​innovative biotechnological solutions. Microbiotec was created with the objective to transform the basic knowledge generated at the university into commercial products for the national market. The company was conceived by two researchers from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) who have accumulated experience and scientific production of great impact in the area of ​​microbiology, immunology and applied biotechnology for almost 20 years. Currently, Microbiotec’s controlling shareholder is Pensabio Instrumentos de Biotecnologia EIRELI, a well-established company in the field of Life Sciences with eight years of existence in the market.
In this new moment, Microbiotec looks for the industrialization and the commercialization of bacteriophage based products for different applications by means of industrial partnerts that leads in the market.

Our value proposition is to offer 100% national, low-cost, environmentally clean and efficient solutions for the diagnosis and control of undesirable bacteria in industry, human and animal health.



Acceleration Program at Biotechtown.


Bidded to provide services in the field of molecular microbiology.


Incubation at TecnoPARQ/Centev. Submission for park resident.


Pensabio buys 51% of Microbiotec’s shares. New business and investment model.


Our mission

Create innovative biotechnological solutions for a sustainable social, economic and technological development.

Our vision

Be a pioneer company in this country, offering high-tech solutions for bacterial control in different spheres of the production chain.

Our values

Commitment to the creation of sustainable products and services, with quality and high performance. Always innovate in search of disruptive solutions.

Roberto Dias


Scientific Doctor in Cellular and Structural Biology, UFV.


Partner - Company

Consolidated as a technology supplier in the area of LIFE SCIENCES.

Sergio Kuriyama

Director - Executive

Doctor of Medical Sciences Sciences Charité School Berlin.

Roberto Dias

Sócio - Diretor

Científico Doutor em
Biologia Celular e
Estrutural, UFV.


Sócia - Empresa

Consolidada como
fornecedora de tecnologia
na área de LIFE SCIENCES.

Sergio Kuriyama

Diretor Executivo

Doutor em Ciências
Médicas Charité
University of Medical
School Berlin

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