Our purpose is to make a helthier and sustainable world through the develpment of biotechnological products.
Our reason for existing is to make the world healthier and more sustainable through the development of biotechnological inputs and products.

We are a biotechnology company working on sustainable and low-cost solutions for bacterial control in different applications.

    • Applied research and development of microbiological solutions;
    • Specialized services in molecular microbiology;

    • Industrialization of bacteriophage-based products for microbial control.

The use of bacteriophages isolated from the environment provides safety, specificity and transversality in the areas of activity, from bioremediation in the oil and gas industry to human health.

Microbiotec is...

A company that develops and innovates in biotechnology for microbial control in different matrices and applications.

Areas of interest

Human Health

Oil and Gas

Water Treatment


Animal Health

Personal Hygiene


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100% national

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cost effectiveness

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clean and efficient




We offer solutions for bacterial control in oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical and veterinary segments.


Molecular, chemical, microbiological and immunological analyzes for food, veterinary and pharmaceutical sectors.

Research and

We develop customized solutions for diagnostic and bacterial control. We offer technology transfer for the develop of new antigens and vaccines.

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